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Firm Profile

Stefani & Stefani, Professional Corporation, is a small firm with a reputation for achieving excellent results for its clients. We offer the quality of legal representation associated with the large downtown firms combined with the personal attention generally obtainable only from the better boutique small firms. Although Stefani & Stefani does not offer the wide range of services offered by the mega firms, within the areas of the law that we practice, our clients receive the best of what the big firms have to offer combined with the personal, friendly service of a small firm at overall prices to the client that are significantly less than those charged by the large firms.

Today's legal environment is fiercely competitive, with constant mergers among law firms and national mega firms opening offices in many locations. Perhaps the best evidence of the quality and personalized service offered by Stefani & Stefani is that a significant number of our clients have been with us for 20 years or more — and some for more than 30 years.

Stefani & Stefani may be best known for our successful representation of a number of high profile whistleblowers. The firm's former clients include Dr. Kalil Jiraki, the former Wayne County Medical Examiner who was fired after he refused to testify that cocaine caused Malice Green's death, and Gary Brown, the Detroit Police Deputy Chief who was fired after he began investigating reports that certain members of Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's inner circle were engaged in illegal activity. Although we are known for these high-profile whistleblower lawsuits, whistleblower litigation is not the mainstay of Stefani & Stefani's practice. The bulk of our practice consists of representing small to medium-size businesses and individuals with their business law needs, including buying and selling businesses, commercial real estate transactions, estate and tax planning, probate, commercial litigation, and investigation.

When Stefani & Stefani represents a client, we do so with a thoroughness and passion that often makes a big difference in the outcome. Whether the matter we are handling involves the purchase or sale of a business, commercial litigation, or a dispute among shareholders or partners, our thorough preparation and our sincere belief in our client's position often means a favorable result for our client.

Our thoroughness is the product of education and training, but our passion comes from our belief in the righteousness of our clients' positions. For that reason, we do not represent every entity or individual who seeks our services. We must believe in the reasonableness of each client's position, whether that involves the value of a business, a question of tax or real estate law, a breach of contract allegation, a dispute among shareholders, or the discharge of an employee.